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Our Need for Support

Support Us Financially

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Our Need for Support

McAdams Academy is quite different from other schools. We serve kids who may be at a higher risk of dropping out of school including those who have been expelled or suspended, and those who are in the foster care system. 

Schools often use expulsions and suspensions to remove disruptive kids from the classroom. Expulsions serve as a punitive but not corrective form of discipline.  Kids get expelled often without addressing the issues that led to the expulsion.

McAdams Academy provides an amazing opportunity to these kids. We help them address behavioral issues while they earn credits towards graduation.

McAdams Receives No Taxpayer Revenue

Unlike public schools, McAdams Academy receives no funding from taxpayer dollars. Unlike private schools, our typical family is not financially prepared to pay tuition. To make tuition affordable, we rely on grants, fundraising, and the support of generous donors.

McAdams Academy

The Only Option for Wichita's youth who are Expelled or in Foster Care

  • Kids in foster care can miss four to six months of school each time they change placement.

  • Graduation rates are about 50% for kids in foster care.

  • About 30% of expelled kids will end up in the justice system.

  • Kids who are expelled from Wichita Public Schools are given no options to continue their education during their expulsion periods.

  • Kids who are victims of trauma, abuse, or neglect are often not equipped with the skills to succeed in school or life.  When behavior issues surface, instead of receiving guidance from a supportive adult, they may receive punitive actions such as suspensions and expulsions.

Support Us Financially

We largely rely on donors who have a heart to help at-risk youth to get on the right path... one that leads to high school graduation and the skills to succeed in life.

Donate Securely Online

Make a one-time payment or set up a monthly payment with our secure payment portal, or click below to donate through Paypal or Venmo.

Lion's Pride Supporters

Lion's Pride members are those who help financially sustain McAdams, whether that be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Members get exclusive McAdams content throughout the year.

Mail a Check 2821 E. 24th St N. Wichita, KS 67219


Are Donations to McAdams Tax Deductible?

Yes! McAdams Academy is a research program under the Center for Behavioral and Academic Research, which is a 501(c)(3).

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Provide financial support in exchange for benefits such as corporate naming and brand visibility in new and existing facilities

  • Engage in multi-year partnerships to match your corporate strategy

  • Create scholarship opportunities


Be a Legacy Donor

  • Offer cash, stocks, or multi-year pledges

  • WIlls, Trusts, Bequests, Life Insurance, and Estate Donations

  • Provide charitable donations to support a specific area of the McAdams program

  • Make an undesignated gift to the greatest area of need

  • Opportunities for naming recognition are available

  • Create scholarship opportunities

Volunteer at McAdams

We are always looking for volunteers!

Adults have a significant impact on children, and research shows that mentoring is the best way to change a child's behavior. At McAdams Academy, we believe that every child deserves a positive role model in their life, and we are grateful for the volunteers who help us make that happen.

There are many different ways to volunteer at McAdams Academy. These are just a few ideas:

  • Preparing and serving lunch

  • Tutoring and helping students with coursework

  • Administrative help in the office

  • Event planning and fundraising

  • Mentoring and life coaching

  • Technical and computer assistance

  • Building and facilities maintenance 

Please contact us or fill out our volunteer application and we will reach out to you to discuss opportunities!

Please fill out the Background Check form after submitting the Volunteer Application

Please join us in thanking and supporting McAdams' community partners who are embracing and educating society's neglected kids!
Click on the logo to be directed to their website.

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