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Chuck Knowles and a student are having a pleasant conversation while sitting on a bench.

McAdams Academy serves moderate to high-risk youths suspended or expelled from Sedgwick County schools. Students work online and receive one-on-one classroom tutoring to earn school credits while they serve out their expulsion period.


The ABC's of our program are

Academics, Behavior, and Community. 

Academics: Low student-teacher ratio allows students to have individualized attention while earning high school credits

Behavior: Individual and group activities that encourage critical thinking and social skills

Community: Providing community outreach, engagement, and connections

Our Mission Statement

Providing a safe place where vulnerable youth practice academic, emotional, and spiritual skills for thriving lives that affect families and communities.

Our Vision Statement

Teaching youth to be successful in life, regardless of their circumstances.

Statement of Belief

We are all creatures of our belief system.  What we believe forms our character and makes us who we are.  McAdams' / CBAR's passion for serving others is deeply rooted in a Judeo-Christian philosophy. This belief system motivates us to love and care for all people, regardless of their belief system.

Statement of Faith

We believe in one Sovereign God, the Creator of everything, who exists in three distinct Persons; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
We believe the New Testament and the Hebrew Bible to be inerrant in the original writings, God-breathed, and the final authority for life, faith, and a personal relationship with God.
We believe God created mankind in His image, and all humanity is born in a fallen state, totally unacceptable to God and utterly unable to remedy this fallen state apart from God.
Jesus the Messiah
We believe Jesus is God incarnate, conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, and provides the only path for mankind to be made acceptable to God.

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