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Frequently Asked Questions

Is McAdams a credit recovery school?

While students can receive credit for the coursework they complete, McAdams is not a “credit recovery school.”  McAdams is an alternative, community-based, trauma-informed program within a classroom structure. We help students and their families to address underlying behavioral problems that got the student expelled. Nationwide, insubordination continues to be the leading cause of school expulsions.  Research suggests that 30% of students expelled from school end up in the judicial system.  We believe in real-life consequences for students who break school rules, but McAdams believes that, especially with developing youths, disciplinary measures should be well thought out and part of a comprehensive discipline plan.


Does it cost to attend McAdams?

Students who are expelled are partially covered by a Crime Prevention grant through Sedgwick County. If your student is not expelled, we have a sliding scale fee with financial assistance available.


What is the student-teacher ratio at McAdams?

Among other things that make McAdams unique is our small student-to-teacher ratio, which is around 5-1. Students have academic help readily available.


Does McAdams coursework count towards graduation?

Yes! McAdams partners with an accredited school, therefore all coursework completed at McAdams counts towards a high school diploma. If an expelled student completes all required coursework (per KSDE) while enrolled in McAdams, they will receive a high school diploma.


What financial needs does McAdams have?

McAdams does not receive any funding from school districts. We are able to embrace and educate society’s neglected kids partially through a grant from the Sedgwick County Crime Prevention, but we rely heavily on generous private and corporate donors who partner with us in fulfilling our mission.


Are donations to McAdams Academy tax-deductible?

Yes. McAdams Academy is a research program under the Center for Behavioral and Academic Research, which is a 501(c)(3).


What volunteer needs does McAdams have?

We love our volunteers and have a huge need for them! Adults have a greater influence on children than peers. Research shows that mentoring is the best way to change the behavior of children. Whether it’s serving lunch, helping a student with coursework, answering the phone in the office, or being on our events committee, we would love for you to join us! Call us or fill out the volunteer application.

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