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McAdams Academy is an alternative community-based, trauma-informed school located in Wichita, KS. Our students are moderate to high-risk in middle school and high school. They do not have access to a structured learning environment because they are expelled, suspended, or in the foster care system without permanent placement. At McAdams, students earn high school credits, including electives, while working on problem behavior.


As schools struggle with how to handle problem behavior in the classroom, student expulsions have become the most used disciplinary action across the nation. 


Some studies suggest that insubordination is responsible for over 90% of school expulsions.  20% of students with an emotional behavioral disorder (EBD) are arrested at least once before leaving school; 58% of those students will be arrested within three to five years after they leave school.  Studies also estimate that 30% of expelled students become involved in the judicial system.


Providing a safe place where vulnerable youth practice academic, emotional, and spiritual skills for thriving lives that affect families and communities.

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