Educating society's neglected kids

McAdams Academy is an alternative education program serving youth who have been expelled or have received a long-term suspension.  The program is limited to Sedgwick County youths who are moderate to high risk for offending, as rated through the risk assessment tool (YSL-CMI or JIAC Brief Screen). 


The ABC's of our program are

Academics, Behavior, and Community. 

  • Students receive Academic services through an online accredited curriculum which allows them to earn transferable high school credits during their expulsion period. 

  • The Behavioral component teaches students social skills needed to return successfully to a traditional educational environment. 

  • The third element is Community Engagement.  Our students learn life skills which help them become productive citizens.  We also provide counseling and teaching that ministers to the whole family.  


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The McAdams Academy Golf Classic is an opportunity to raise funds needed to continue making a difference in kids who need it most.

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