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Academic Programs at McAdams Academy

Expelled Students Can Earn a Kansas High School Diploma

Expulsion may seem like a setback, but we can help your student work on academics, behavioral, and social issues in a structured environment.

You might be surprised to know that your student can earn a Kansas issued high school diploma even while expelled.

The Curriculum

We evaluate your transcripts and set you on a path toward graduation.

We offer a curriculum through USD 403 Otis-Bison and therefore allow our students to earn a Kansas high school diploma. Our students work under the supervision of accredited teachers and behavioral specialists.

The Environment

Your student will learn with computer-guided instruction.  Our teachers are on hand to keep students on task, and to offer assistance, instruction, and explanations as needed.


Providing a safe place where vulnerable youth practice academic, emotional, and spiritual skills for thriving lives that affect families and communities.


Teaching youth to be successful, regardless of their circumstances.

The ABC's of our program are

Academics, Behavior, and Community. 

Academics: Low student-teacher ratio allows students to have individualized attention while earning high school credits


Behavior: Individual and group activities that encourage critical thinking and social skills


Community: Providing community outreach, engagement, and connections

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