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Information for Future Students at McAdams Academy
Serving Wichita, Kansas

School for Expelled, Suspended and Troubled Students in Wichita, KS

McAdams Academy - A School for Expelled Kids

  • We accept kids who have been expelled or suspended from school. 

  • Our school helps kids who struggle with behavioral issues.

  • Our students can earn a Kansas High School Diploma.

McAdams Academy, in Wichita, KS, serves moderate to high-risk youths suspended or expelled from Sedgwick County schools. Students work online and receive one-on-one classroom tutoring to earn school credits while they serve out their expulsion period.

Enroll with our simple online form.

If your child has been expelled or suspended from school, McAdams Academy is a great option.  We make it possible for expelled students to earn a Kansas high school diploma.

Our students work online through USD 403 Otis-Bison school district using Apex Learning.  Our teachers are on-hand to supervise, encourage, and offer one-on-one tutoring.  

If a student is expelled from a Sedgwick County public school, tuition is free with help from a Sedgwick County Crime Prevention grant.  We use a sliding fee schedule for students who are not expelled.

At McAdams Academy, we are uniquely equipped to work with students who struggle with behavioral and disciplinary issues.


Providing a safe place where vulnerable youth practice academic, emotional, and spiritual skills for thriving lives that affect families and communities.

The ABC's of our program are

Academics, Behavior, and Community. 

Academics: Low student-teacher ratio allows students to have individualized attention while earning high school credits


Behavior: Individual and group activities that encourage critical thinking and social skills


Community: Providing community outreach, engagement, and connections

Reasons to Enroll at McAdams Academy in Wichita, Kansas:

  • We welcome students who have been expelled from middle or high school.

  • Our students can earn a Kansas high school diploma (yes, even if the student has been expelled)!

  • We help students work on behavioral issues. Our staff includes people who specialize in working with troubled youth.

  • We provide a safe learning environment with an excellent ratio of about 5 students per 1 teacher.

  • Tuition is free for students who are currently expelled from a Sedgwick County public school.

  • Tuition for everybody else is based on financial need. We do our best to work with generous donors to make McAdams affordable.

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